a performancelife 2001 – 2008
international art performance by Siglinde Kallnbach

empathy and solidarity for people suffering from cancer

Cancer - it can happen to everyone.
Show Your empathy and solidarity by writing down Your name.
You can write down names of persons that You think of in this context as well: People suffering from cancer, beloved ones that have passed away, friends, relations …- persons, whom You estimate to be sensitive to this matter. And You can use various other ways of expression, too: poems, texts, drawings …Continously it is possible to leave Your name/Your contribution here: Siglinde.Kallnbach@wishingtrack.com

Or send to: Siglinde Kallnbach
Postfach 30 07 43
50777 Cologne/Germany

Thank You very much!

At the beginning of 2009 all names and other contributions will be transformed
into another work of art: The procedure is simillar to Kallnbach’s project before that one: “Wunschspur – Wishingtrack 1999 – 2001". The artist had collected over 4000 wishes from all over the world and transformed them into a 461m long abtract curve:
wwww.wishingtrack.de, www.wishingtrack.com , catalogue book „Siglinde Kallnbach: Wunschspur – Wishingtrack“, Salon Verlag 2002, ISBN 3-89770-166-9
Idea and ©: by Siglinde Kallnbach